Sunday, January 27, 2013



Axiom2001 said...

I'd sit with and do other things as well with men #3 and #5!!!

marco said...

THE STUD FRANK SHAFT,SECOND ONE DOWN,or four up?is the sexiest black man ever.i had a big footballer once,a bi a.s.u.huge bull like frank 28,7'5,280?endowed 14 inches, fantasies always included him in bondage,his sexual organs surging with electro from my tens,back then,NOBODY did,or knew about estim,if they did IT SCARED THEM,anyway i'd been doin since I found granddad's "shockwand",and his stache of nasty "mandingo,drum" books,all those bulls paddled and used for sex,my tyrone I put on a table,leather cuffed his ankles,wrists,to the table end,blindfolded for pics,belts held down his abs,and neck.i got atop,slid my tens electrode in his ass about 1/4of a inch,suckin his magnificence,i had gloved hand with my metal round cog grips,these I laid to his wet cord roped balls,man THE BEST MECHANICAL BULLRIDE EVER,I USED vibrators,a rod in his phallus,rings under head,middle,base,both balls rings shockin,masturbatin him inside out.four hours,eight orgasms,juice in handfuls,as I milked the huge bull,used also a cock pump w water,electrified,he roared,and when I had to let him up,he broke a huge wood paddle on my butt,and finished with his huge hands,hurt like hell for days,but he learned to love electro